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Hi, I’m Dang

A Full-stack Webflow Designer/Developer

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I have been building websites and web app experiences for the past 4 years and there’s one thing that always drive me: the desire of solving problems through creative design and development

During my career I always went beyond the focus on learning how to code or operate software. Instead, I focused on learning everything that would help me understand the whole process of planning, building and launching a product. This allowed me to specialize in areas like web design and web development and at the same time produce results with focus on the business, not only on the craft.

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My offerings

What I will do for you

Visual Design

We will work together to turn your vision and story a great website design that will translate your legacy into something that your visitors can feel and understand. All with the specific goal of showing what you and your art has to offer.

Style Guide

Based on the specifications identified on the scope of the project, I will create a Style Guide that will be the foundation of the website. By following an atomic design approach and laying out a collection of global and utility classes, making changes on the site will be a lot more predictable and easy.

Design Implementation & Development

Based on a well defined design specification, I will implement all aspects of the project using Webflow (and some custom code whenever is required), ensuring that the end result will be responsive and work smoothly across all devices.

Animations and Interactions

To ensure that the user will have the best experience, I will implement animations and interactions whenever is possible and feels like a good fit, so we can deliver an incredible experience which helps the user feel delighted and makes consuming the content on your website a memorable experience.

My process

A Carefully Crafted Approach

I take a structured approach to the Webflow development. My process was created to ensure every project is delivered on-time and on-budget. Once your Webflow project kicks off, here’s what to expect:

1. Foundation

Based on the specified design - usually through a Figma file or a live prototype - I identify the main components and design tokens - like font size, colors, spacing, grids, visual assets, etc - and build a Style Guide, laying out the main pieces that will compose the website. By doing that, we ensure consistency and clarity, which make doing changes something predictable and consistent.

2. Development

Once we have the foundation, I will proceed with development, kicking off two phases in unison.

The first involves creating a static version of the pages, adding copy, graphics, etc.

The second is creating the back-end of the site, which depends on the project scope (things like creating CMS collections, integrations with 3rd party tools, etc).

3. Refining

After all pages are done, I’ll do a round of refining, including things like adding states, transitions, animations, etc, whenever is necessary. This step is where we give life to the site and turn a static site into a more dynamic experience.

4. Testing

Once we have finished the work, I’ll provide a round of testing to analyze the performance and reliability.

I’ll use various tools to benchmark the website for loading, responsiveness, and speed, while also ensuring that if works reliably on all web browsers and mobile devices.

5. Publishing

Once we’re sure that your project is ready to be released to the public, I’ll deploy it on your public domain.


What my clients say

Bas Van Straaten

Dang and I have been working together on various Webflow development projects for the past 3 years. His background in design and attention to detail makes him a valuable asset to our team, and I have no hesitation in bringing him on board for projects of any size. If you are looking for a Webflow partner who’s ready to tackle complex challenges and deliver excellent results, I can highly recommend Dang!

Founder of FlowRemote.io
Bas Van Straaten

We have been working with Dang for more than 8 months and it has been an amazing experience, he is a very professional person, very organized with a tremendous amount of knowledge in Webflow, it is very difficult to find such a complete professional. I would recommend him to work on digital projects without a second thought, we are very happy to be able to work with him in our studio

Founder of Contra Studio
Juan Luna

I had a wonderful time working with Dang; his flexibility, knowledge of human behavior, and UX design are remarkable and an asset for any client. His calm, patient, and professional disposition helped me to trust his output and opinion. After so many months of working together and getting to know him I do regard Dang as a sincere friend and I hope to work together on other projects in the future. Many thanks for your help and patient on my journey; any client of you can call themself lucky.

CEO @ JoltCoaching
Essan Akbarzadeh

Dang is dedicated, self-motivated, articulate, and a pleasure to work with. Dang's mastery of Web design and creative acumen has contributed greatly to the company's product. In fact, Dang's work has been and will continue to pay dividends long past his tenure here.

Product Manager @ Maingames Indonesia
Thien Nghiem

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the payment conditions ?

Payments are usually broken down into one percentage up-front and the remaining value paid by delivery phases.

For the website project, payment will be broken into:

- 40% up front.
- 30% after the website design is ready to be developed.
- 30% after the website is built and ready to go live

2. How soon can we get started?

My calendar is open for April 2023.

3. How can I see the progress of the project?

On the design step, you will have the access to a Figma file where the work happens. You will be able to add comments and give feedback in real time.

On the build step, the site will have a live link where you can see in real time how the pages are coming together.

4. Do your services include app development?

No, but having built mobile apps myself, I can communicate with your developers and help them transform my design into pixel-perfect and fully functional applications.